Glance definition, to look quickly or briefly. See more.

glance through - definition - English Example sentences with "glance through", translation memory hunglish Hilario started to discuss the plans with Shylick the master carpenter, but Shylick took the plans from Hilario, glanced through them, and seemed to assimilate everything at a glance, and Hilario was much impressed by his perspicacity. Which one is correct, he quickly glanced through the book Generally speaking there is no much difference in meaning of these word combinations. But if you go deep, you find something as following. Both are correct but subject to the context. ‘glance through’ something or to look quickly at the contents o Glance over - Idioms by The Free Dictionary glance over (someone or something) To look at someone or something quickly and perfunctorily. I always glance over my desk to make sure I have everything before I leave the office at night. I just glanced over him, so I don't remember if he was wearing a hat or not. See also: glance, over glance over someone or something to examine someone or something

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Synonyms for glance through include flick through, thumb, peruse, run through, scan, thumb through, browse, browse through, dip into and flip through. Find more similar words at!

Apr 13, 2020