Mar 10, 2015

Dec 15, 2014 · The good, without a shadow of doubt, is House of Cards. Both series of this show, from the first episode to the last, look mostly gorgeous. Overall Breaking Bad is still better to watch in 4K Feb 14, 2014 · House of Cards with Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood truly put Netflix on the map. The second season of the hit TV series is available to stream in all Netflix regions now - but you will have to wait a bit longer to watch it in glorious 4K resolution. I will tell you 3 series which are absolutely amazing. 1. Fargo - this dark comedy series is based on a series of murders and events that took place around Minnesota. Feb 06, 2019 · House of Cards (1990) S02 - Ep04 To Play The King - 4 - Part 01 HD Watch

Watch Sarah Jane Smith's Final Doctor Who Adventure, Cut Down to Just 30 Minutes. Advertisement. Netflix announced at CES that it would begin shooting original series in ultra high-def 4K, and now

Check out the riveting official trailer below for Season 4 of  House of Cards. Then, head over to Netflix to binge-watch the entire season all weekend long. Season 3 of Ozark now streaming on


Netflix ‘House of Cards’ Season 2 Will Stream in Ultra HD Dec 19, 2013 Netflix had House of Cards' third season made in 6K - The Mar 10, 2015 Netflix to Stream 'House of Cards' in 4K to Select Smart