2019-9-23 · PayPal is sending me a debit card unless I actively stop them. I’m no security expert, but I can count at least a half dozen ways this is a terrible idea: The only security in place to ensure that the person who receives the card is actually the intended recipient is the call that you would have to make to authorize it. Whatever they ask for

How to Add Money to PayPal With a Debit Card | Your … The name on the debit card you add to PayPal must match the name that you used to create your account. Select your billing address or enter a new one, then click the "Add Credit Card" button at the bottom of the page. PayPal takes you to your "Add/Edit Credit Card" page with a notice to confirm that you have successfully added a debit card. How to Get a PayPal Debit Card | Sapling PayPal refers to the debit card as a Business Debit card whether your PayPal account is a personal or a business account. Verify your name, mailing address and phone number. If changes need to be made, click Edit and follow the prompts to update your information.

2018-12-19 · With PayPal, which has been a trusted transaction processor for 20 years, you provide your credit card number (or debit card number) to PayPal. The merchants you buy stuff from never see your

Using the card as debit immediately deducts the money from the bank account. On the merchant side, it costs a merchant more money to process a credit card transaction than it does a debit card transaction. This has no real impact on the consumer unless the merchant adds a percentage to the transaction amount to pay for credit card processing fees.

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